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What does Staffordville Lake Association do for you?

SLA is a long-standing organization comprised of dues-paying members who own property on or near the lake. It is interested in quality of life issues ranging from safety to the environment to organizing social events for its members.

To maintain and enhance the quality of life at the lake, SLA distributes the ordinances and state boating regulations pertinent to the lake each year. SLA has sponsored social events (e.g.,pot-luck meetings) and our annual Independence Day Boat Parade for more than 25 years.

SLA takes on special projects, such as: shoreline cleanup, water quality monitoring, erosion control and development/publication of the "Lake Owner's Manual" environmental guide. We are currently working with the Town and DEEP to implement a dam and lake management program. This should be significant to the survival of the lake.

It is time to renew your membership or to join the Staffordville Lake Association for 2022. We encourage every family on the lake to join. Your membership gives you access and input to the Association's activities and projects, and your dues support the cost of the water quality monitoring and lake management programs. Together we can keep "OUR" lake strong.

Dues are only $99.00 per family.