Invasive Weeds Get InvolvedDocuments & Links

Help keep our waters clean. Inspect and wash your boat EACH and EVERY time you launch.


Clean your boat and all of it's parts. This is a great brochure that can help you to properly clean and inspect your boat for unwanted vegetation on your boat or trailer. Page 2 gives a complete look at what and where you should be inspecting. Also listed is a recipe on how to make a cleaner that will help protect us all.

Connecticut Invasive Guide. Invasive weeds are a serious problem in Connecticut. At Staffordville Lake, we are currently free of Millfoil. However, we feel it pertinent to mention Millfoil with Crystal Lake in Ellington/Stafford being so close. This publication provides you with a lot of good information.

Aquatic Wetland Guide. Use of this guide will help to identify plants you may be seeing around the lake. Should you have specific concerns they should be addressed to an environmental professional.

Aquatics Guide for Connecticut. This guide shows maps of where Millfoil is in the state.