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Minutes July 11, 2022

Meeting opened at 6:30 pm by Aaron Hoffman, President, after pot luck supper.


Nancy Ravetto    Joanne    Craig Ingalls   Mark Hewitt   Jonathan    John    John    Mark Price   Aaron Hoffman   Claude Richard   Deborah Richard   Jeff    Dave    Pat Raffauf   Cristy LaVasseur Joyce Arthur   Cheryl    Cindi    Gary    Andrea    Mark Dunn   Bernadette Polidoro   Gary Bartholomew   Mark O’Keefe   Katie O’Keefe   Pat    Laurel Mangan

Motion to accept Minutes of June, 2022 meeting discussed. Mark Price noted correction: late May-early Sept. is window for effective treatment of milfoil; SePro’s 3-yr. guarantee will apply if treatment made before 9/2022. Joyce Arthur inadvertently omitted from list of 6/2022 meeting attendees. Motion amended with noted changes; then approved by vote of membership.
Treasurers Report presented by Pat Raffauf: bank account totals = $14,629. Expected expense for lake survey = $5800 (less than $7K allocated). Motion to accept approved by vote of membership.
Boat Committee report presented by Pat Fenton: 5 boats participated in boat parade. First prize went to Burbine’s; second to Gessay’s; third to Raffauf’s; fourth to St. Jaques’; honorable mention to Casagrande’s. Date for next year’s parade discussed: TBA.
Membership Committee report presented by Dave Raffauf: membership at 75 (up from 25+/- a few years ago). Members encouraged to recruit so that costs of lake maintenance can be more equitably shared among residents.
Nominating Committee report presented by John Giumarra. John George nominated to be our Webmaster: approved by vote of membership. Aaron will work with JG on transition. Cheryl mentioned that our website still lists outdated membership fee.
Social Committee report presented by Joanne Bagge: Raffaufs will host social gathering on 7/23/2022, 2-4pm. Members encouraged to drive to Raffaufs, rather than boat, in order to limit boat traffic in milfoil affected area. Parking avail at Post Office. Aaron will distribute brochures.
Environment Committee report presented by Mark Price: Survey to address State’s concern with presence of endangered plant in lake has been arranged (cost to SLA= $5800). Treatment for milfoil mitigation expected to take place this summer, before August Moonlight Paddle. Town is expected to allow pandemic relief (federal) funds to be allocated to pay total cost, expected to be approx. $56K. There are certain non-negotiable conditions, including our responsibility to conduct another endangered plant survey in 2023. We will pursue grant to help cover 2023 costs. Recreational use of lake not expected to be affected by milfoil treatment; no boating during treatment however. Date of treatment TBA.
Aaron discussed political pressure on Town to allow boat access by non-lakeowners. Since the Town owns the beach, SLA cannot prevent any decision to allow kayak/canoe launch from beach. Aaron will “vehemently” object to motorized boat launch, however. If boating by non-lakeowners is allowed, we will re-assess our commitment to lake maintenance, including incurring costs of State-required surveys. Aaron also discussed social media posts by lakeowner(s) that have caused political backlash among other town residents, and cautioned against making threats against non-lakeowners’ boat use (“calling cops”). Such threats should be avoided, as they can result in our current positive relationship with Town re: milfoil mitigation/lake maintenance to be compromised.
Aaron encouraged lake residents’s use of SLA’s private group Facebook page, as a means of communication. Residents need to request access to the page, by giving their address on the lake.
Mark Price thanked for his extraordinary efforts towards anticipated success of the milfoil mitigation project. There were questions as to why other members of the Environment Committee were not consulted during this process. Mark will work with other Committee members towards wider participation in work of Committee henceforth.
Executive Committee report: Aaron Hoffman reported involvement of Board members in setting agenda for meetings. In response to inquiry, Aaron to email names of Committees heads to membership.
Old Business: ●
Paper roads (“trails”). Joyce Arthur furnished Deeds and past correspondence of Town attorney to show SLA as owner of paper roads. Aaron will talk to Town attorney regarding SLA’s possibly deeding paper roads out, in order to avoid liability. Fox Trail can possibly be deeded to resident who uses it for driveway; other trails possibly deeded to Town. New Business: ●
Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development/Staffordville Lake: Aaron distributed statement of Town’s goals with regard to POCD/Staffordville Lake. Town proposes replacing current private residential zone with new “lake zone,” mentions desirable development/lake protection practices, a possible future boat launch, and systematic fall and winter drawdowns. Response from Atty. Kenneth Slater (land use attorney and SLA member) read to group by Nancy Ravetto, listing reasons why a new “lake zone” is not necessary to protect lake. Aaron will be our contact with Town on this issue; all SLA member comments should be sent to him. The many issues raised by POCD/Staffordville Lake will probably require formation of a new SLA Committee. ●
Moonlight Paddle set for 8/19/2022. Fire Dept will monitor activity on lake, washing station. We expect to have milfoil treatment complete by then. ●
Pat Fenton announced Fire Dept events that we should support. ●
Discussion on changing venue of meeting to Community Ctr, especially for August when an ice cream social is planned. Motion to change venue not approved by vote of members present. Our next meeting will be at Pavilion.
Meeting adjourned at 8pmdf m.

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