Staffordville Lake Rules and Regulations

Per Town of Stafford Ordinance


(Printed as a public service by the Staffordville Lake Association)



1.     Know and observe the nautical “rules of the road” as outlined in the State of Connecticut Boating Regulations, which apply to all boaters.


2.     Only Stafford residents or property owners and their tenants or renters are allowed to have power boats on the lake.


3.     Boats may not exceed trolling speed (5 mph) after 7:30 pm every day except in July and August, when the limit is 8 pm.


4.     Boats may not exceed trolling speed (5 mph) before 10 am on Saturdays and holidays, and before Noon on Sundays.


5.     No boat may be driven faster than 40 mph at any time.


6.     Swimmers must keep within 50 feet of shore unless accompanied by a boat.


7.     No rafts or docks shall be installed in the lake except on the property of a lakefront owner.  Such rafts or docks shall not exceed over 25 feet measured from the high water mark of the lake, with the exception of those installed by the Town of Stafford at the public beach.


8.     No boat shall be docked or moored in Staffordville Lake unless attached to the owner’s or tenant’s property.



By observing these regulations, you will help make Staffordville Lake safe and environmentally sound.  Please keep this guide with you as a reference for yourself, your family and your visitors. 



Thank you … and have a happy summer!